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How to get soundtrack for Quake

2017-04-07 20:09:08 by EoD696

OK, so this is kind of a convuluted process.  GoG sells a fully compatible windows version pretty cheap, that's what I use.  Problem is, the music is missing from it:

To acquire the soundtrack off of the included .cue files in .ogg form, use this:

Now the documentation there includes instructions for getting things to work with a third party engine, like Quakespasm.  If you don't have a third party engine, it's pretty simple:

  1. Take the files from the 'game' folder, and put them into a 'MUSIC' folder in the Quake root directory.
  2. Rename _winmm.dll to winmm.dll in the Quake directory
  3. Launch Quake as per usual (using glquake).

Voila, now you have music with Quake.  Ok, so let's say 1996 NIN isn't doing it for you, and you want something a bit more raw and modern.  I can't really help you with the entire soundtrack, but I've got one of them remixed for contemporary times:

To use it in game, I've rendered in OGG as well:

Just download the file, and replace the copy of track03.ogg in any or all of the MUSIC folders you've created up til now, and when that song would normally play in game ["Introduction" (START), "The Door To Chthon" (E1M6), "The Dismal Oubliette" (E2M6), "Chambers of Torment" (E3M6), "The Pain Maze" (E4M6), "Shub-Niggurath's Pit" (END)] my newer version will play instead :-D.



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2017-04-13 22:56:55

i remember the time when i used to rip game tracks from return to castle wolfeinstein and unreal tournament stuff. back before soundtrack sold online.

(Updated ) EoD696 responds:

Yeah, that's cool man. Unreal Tournament is a classic...I remember spending hours playing that and Quake 3 Arena with my buddies, comparing the two, and having long winded discussions about which one was better, more original, or more entertaining, lol.

Using that technique I describe, you can extract the OST for listening purposes, but, obviously, it's meant to set things up for gameplay. Alternatively, I think you could just mount the .cue files in a CD Audio will probably ignore the data tracks and let you play the audio straight off it.