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Now more abstinence

2017-06-27 00:29:45 by EoD696

I got that job...thanks to some fantastic wizardry from the best headshop in town...and my ability to drive long distances while very dizzy without fucking up.  Hoozah!  Fuck the system!

I hate drug tests

2017-06-21 23:01:13 by EoD696

I'm a libertarian.  Does that surprise you?  I hope not...heh.  I think libertarianism represents the purest core of American values.  "Freedom, liberty and justice for all" fits into a libertarian narrative...not so much in a socialistic one, not so much in a traditional-conservative one...but libertarians truly embrace the concept that you deserve enough rope to hang yourself, if that's what you want to do.  My favorite thing is the legal drugs bit - not because I'm an advocate for dope-heads on the street corner selling shit to my kids; precisely the opposite, in fact.  I want it to be controlled by the FDA instead.  Least favorite thing is the isolationist'd be nice if we could just up and evacuate every military station we've created on foreign soil, but...something tells me that's a very ill-advised plan.  This is some major paraphrasing - I'm not really trying to express an argument here, I want you to get an overall sense of my position.  I'm a moderate-conservative with libertarian tendencies...that's really it...I'd like to say I'm alt-right, that phrase feels like a nice concise way to sum it up...but...I'm not a white supremacist/nationalist, so throw that one out the window.

I need a job.  You might be aware of that if you've seen me ranting about it in the chat.  Literally, there is $7 in my bank account right now (there's $75 of my dollars sitting in Newgrounds' bank account...but they won't give it to me cuz I lost a check Tom Fulp cut me years ago...that I never cashed...but that's a story for a different time, though it would be super nice to have that right about now).  My house costs me $850 a month.  I'm fucked right now.  I would be...if I didn't have a job offer on the table for $70k/yr.  Problem with the job is, the company is a highly traditional one, whose p&p is stuck in 1950s America.  There's more to that which I won't bother explaining because I don't want to defame them, life is riding on some piss in a cup right now.  Now I've abstained from weed for the past week and a half.  Been drinking water, taking some detox shit...but I tested myself yesterday, still pos.  motherfucker!  My best bet at this point is to take a quick-flush, hope for a diluted sample on the test tomorrow, and maybe my recruiter can talk it off because it's been a hot summer.  I'm really hoping that works, please pray for me.

I don't really want to bitch about my situation as much as I want to bitch about drug testing in general.  Weed is legal in more than 2 dozen states, recreationally in 8 (9 if you count D.C. as a state - which is totally fucked btw, it's still illegal at a federal level thanks to NATO or some other international agreement we have with Europe). And yet, drug panels inevitably include THC.  This is fucked.  Even if I'm in a state that doesn't permit it, I might've visited one that does, partaken of some excellent greenry in a perfectly legitimate manner, and it wouldn't fucking matter to the people testing my piss.  A pos is a pos, I'm still a worthless vagrant who doesn't deserve a job if that shit is in there at all.

The questions surrounding legalization and testing have been brewing for a few years. Yet, the medical community has remained quietly removed from the discussion, and stagnant regarding development of contemporary solutions.  This infuriates me.  If there's one industry that can pivot on a dime when it wants to, it's the bloviated, overfed, under-regulated pharmaceutical industry.  It's generally these companies that provide clinical testing materials and equipment - I know, I was a lab tech once.

That's pretty much it.  I hate drug tests...because, at this point, standards in legislature are outpacing standards in medicine...and that couldn't be more fucked up in my mind.

God...and how I reconcile the concept

2017-06-17 03:53:48 by EoD696

Hit play.  I'll wait.

I'm a Christian...specifically, I'm a protestant, a Disciple of Christ.  There's a church, the DCC ('s the one I belong to.  I'm not a very good representative of the church....I'm not a very good member of the church.  I don't donate...I don't participate...I don't attend any longer...but, DCC shaped my view of God and Jesus and religion...I beleive in God, I talk to Him, and I rely on Him.  I love Him, not because I'm afraid...because I feel His presence in my life, and I see Him uplifting and carrying I uplift and carry others.  I don't pretend to speak for the church.  I speak for myself and no one most of you do.  I don't feel it's necessary to spread Jesus' word any longer.  You know enough of his word to decide whether or not you want to listen to it.  I don't need to shove it down your throat to save you.  To save not my responsibility...because the word is common knowledge now.  And knowledge is fluid now.  Fluid which flows through our collective mind...the internet.

Is God to be feared?  Is Hell to be admonished?  If you say yes, read on.

I am truly a universalist.  I do not think Hindu are condemned.  I do not think Buddhists are condemned.  I do not think Muslims are condemned.  Nor Nords, nor Greeks, nor pagans of any variety.  I feel God speaks to different people in different ways.  I feel that if you feel God's word matters in the utmost and you work toward the commonality of all humanity, God will accept you in the afterlife.  St. Peter will not turn good people away, even if they're not Christians. 

How do I reconcile that?  I love you.  I dont care who you are, I don't care what religion you practice, I love you.  I will carry you to your goal if I can, I will lend you my hand if it will help, I will bleed for you and die if it means your freedom to be defiant to God remains intact...because you deserve the right to learn it for yourself...thats what life is.  The right to learn for yourself the difference between right and wrong.  And I think that's the way God intended it to happen...for each of us to learn for ourselves what it means to be human.

How to get soundtrack for Quake

2017-04-07 20:09:08 by EoD696

OK, so this is kind of a convuluted process.  GoG sells a fully compatible windows version pretty cheap, that's what I use.  Problem is, the music is missing from it:

To acquire the soundtrack off of the included .cue files in .ogg form, use this:

Now the documentation there includes instructions for getting things to work with a third party engine, like Quakespasm.  If you don't have a third party engine, it's pretty simple:

  1. Take the files from the 'game' folder, and put them into a 'MUSIC' folder in the Quake root directory.
  2. Rename _winmm.dll to winmm.dll in the Quake directory
  3. Launch Quake as per usual (using glquake).

Voila, now you have music with Quake.  Ok, so let's say 1996 NIN isn't doing it for you, and you want something a bit more raw and modern.  I can't really help you with the entire soundtrack, but I've got one of them remixed for contemporary times:

To use it in game, I've rendered in OGG as well:

Just download the file, and replace the copy of track03.ogg in any or all of the MUSIC folders you've created up til now, and when that song would normally play in game ["Introduction" (START), "The Door To Chthon" (E1M6), "The Dismal Oubliette" (E2M6), "Chambers of Torment" (E3M6), "The Pain Maze" (E4M6), "Shub-Niggurath's Pit" (END)] my newer version will play instead :-D.


I still has yootoobz

2017-03-31 00:28:43 by EoD696


I has y00z to08s!

2011-12-23 02:02:54 by EoD696


Link Rap, wtf?

2011-11-18 23:29:27 by EoD696

Eat your heart out fanboys:

Fuckin a! Gotta love seeing dubstep in some parody shit. And rejoice, newgrounds isn't the only place for Zelda-whack-job-musicians!


2011-11-09 22:12:38 by EoD696

Classical/jazz music, here I come! I think I'm gonna start working on some orchestration, after the celebrated reception of my fur elise + improv piece. That wasn't even really thought out or refined at all...but some peoples like it, which I'm thankful for :D


2011-10-28 13:23:15 by EoD696



2011-10-12 01:51:16 by EoD696

I'm sorry newgrounds, I have to put you on hiatus. I recently got a ticket for my vehicle's registration expiring, and so I have to deal with that. I've been lacking in inspiration anyway...I'm really not very proud of my latest submissions, and even less proud of the stuff I'm too embarrassed to share with you. So I think it would be best for the creative side of my mind to take a few steps away from production/promotion, if only for a short time. Not to fear, I recently got a new VSTi which I know you all love; NI's Massive. I'll spend a few weeks familiarizing myself with it in whatever free time I have given this tribulation, and hopefully come back with some badass tunes for you.

For the record, I'm skipping the dubstep movement, despite utilizing an inherently dubstep tuned VSTi. I feel that it's a fad, which is quickly fading from the limelight of popular music across the world. One of my idols and hugest inspirations, Infected Mushroom, has been terribly chastised for departing from psytrance to embrace the new dubstep movement. Of course, they released I'm the Supervisor not too long ago, which was a departure from psytrance for electro-pop. There's one or two great pieces on that album, but B.P. Empire still knocks it out of the water imo. Regardless, dubstep itself has also seen alot of criticism that I don't want to take. I think it's cool, but making it is odd and I can't seem to get it right in any case. If I'm right, it will pass, just as DnB has, and maybe I'll incorporate some of it's principles into my unique variation of electro. Maybe I'll abandon electro for orchestration, as so many before me have. Maybe I'll pursue filmscoring...maybe I'll pursue metal, maybe country. All possibilities are within reason, in my mind, and I am an appreciator of music, not one genre or another. I'm trying to do Willin' from Little Feat...but Bill Payne has a difficult style to emulate :P

I just wanted to let you know, I'm still alive and kickin and writing. I'm just not going to be posting anything for a little while. Thank you for everything newgrounds...and please, help me get some moneys! I've got $49.50 in my share of revenue for Madness Ambulation. Somebody go over to that game and click on those ads for me, please! All I need is a measley 50 cents to get my first check for producing music; come on!